Welcome to Yale and the Institute of Sacred Music! We have eagerly awaited your arrival and hope the coming week will be an inspiring and useful one to you and your ministries.

We have spent some time preparing information and experiences that we think could be relevant for your work. Many of you have already partnered with us in preparing the worship this week, and we thank you for this gift. Most importantly, though, we hope you will make full use of the network of friends you will find here. Each of you has significant knowledge that you can share with others based on your experiences of study, reflection, practice and ministry. We seek to honor this knowledge and lift it up for the sake of our mutual pursuits this week. Thank you in advance for whatever part of your lives you are able to share throughout the seminar.

Finally, allow me to thank those who have been most diligently at work to prepare for your coming: the seminar faculty, the ISM staff, our coordinator, Glen Segger, and our primary consultant, Dorothy Bass. Each of these has devoted hours to this venture in anticipation of the valuable exchanges that will take place. I look forward to introducing them to you.

Please enjoy your stay here. I look forward to our conversations and work together very much.

Sincerely yours,

Martin Jean
Yale Institute of Sacred Music